Mounted Archery Instructor

The CFMA introduced the certification program for Mounted Archery Instructor in January 2022. This certification program will be periodically reviewed and updated.
Certified Mounted Archery Instructors are individuals deemed by the CFMA to competently, safely, and effectively introduce and teach the skills of mounted archery to students from beginner to advanced level. The aim of the MA Instructor is to teach the mounted archer and the MA horse the required skills from basic to advanced level on their quest to personal development and personal achievement in mounted archery. Candidate instructors should have all the necessary knowledge and expertise associated with ground and mounted archery to pass the exam process.
The CFMA strongly encourages every certified instructor to continue learning more about ground and mounted archery, horse care and training, athlete and equine nutrition, and other related knowledge, and to constantly improve their teaching ability in order to become the best Mounted Archery Instructor they can be.

Requirements to become a CFMA Certified
Mounted Archery Instructor

The following are the requirements and steps to become a Mounted Archery Instructor:

• Be a current CFMA Safety Officer, plus the following:
• Provide a copy of a clear Vulnerable Sector Police Check report. The CFMA will provide an emailed request to your local police department if required, just let us know.
• Complete the Equestrian Canada “Fostering Healthy Equestrian Environment” training module, available in the Equestrian Canada ECampus  Submit proof of completion from your EC Locker.
• Complete the Equestrian Canada (or, alternatively, the NCCP) “Concussion Awareness” training module (“Making Headway in Sport”), available in the Equestrian Canada ECampus or via Sports Canada (NCCP). Submit proof of completion from your EC/NCCP Locker.
• Complete the NCCP “Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation”. Submit proof of completion from your NCCP Locker.
• Read NCCP Coaching Code of Ethics 
• Read the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines 
• Read EC Code of Ethics

Step One: Pass the online CFMA Instructor Exam

The online part of the Instructor Examination is an online, “Open Book” multiple-choice test. A score of 100% is required. The applicant can return to the exam to change answers until they achieve the correct answers. Questions for this test will include (but are not limited to) the following topics:


  • Conformation of the horse
  • Footfalls and leg action of the horse – all gaits
  • Horse health: vital signs, comfort, teeth, hoof care etc.
  • Riding for Mounted Archery
  • Equipment and tack
  • Equitation: riding on a mounted archery track, aids and release, proper etiquette etc.
  • Horse training/desensitizing for Mounted Archery
  • Communication/ influence of aids for Mounted Archery riding

Archery Theory and Practice:

  • Archery equipment: names, terms, parts, mechanics, care and handling of the bow, arrow, target and range
  • Draw types for mounted archery
  • Equipment set-up and tuning
  • Target and track types
  • Horse Archery terms


  • Risk control and management
  • Shooting line and target distances
  • Safety Zones
  • Equipment inspection and checks

Suggested study material for the online CFMA Instructor Exam:

Step Two: Pass a practical exam (in person or through submitting videos, described in more detail HERE)

Step Three: Read and agree to abide by the CFMA Instructor’s and Coach’s Agreement

Step Four: Submit the CFMA Instructor application form , together with the above-mentioned course completion documents and requirements, and pay the associated application fee of CAN $ 50. Please pay the fee via e-transfer sent to

Please note that the certification for CFMA Instructor expires after TWO (2) years. The CFMA has not yet determined the re-certification requirements. (They will be posted soon).