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CFMA Certification Program

Check out our list of certified instructors, coaches, and safety officers. Apply and obtain your own CFMA certification.

Canadian Mounted Archery Insurance

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is now available in Canada to participating member clubs

Canadian Mounted Archery Grading and Ranking

Grading and Ranking

We offer IHAA Grading as well as KHOW competitions and ranking with Kassai certified judges.

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Individual Membership

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  • FREE access to IHAA grading system
  • Access to the CFMA Certification Program
  • Access our CFMA Facebook member page.

Club Membership

Club memberships have many benefits, including access to the CFMA insurance program, links to other Canadian clubs and events, advertising with CFMA, and participation in Canadian rankings.
See the following links:

Club Membership Requirements
CFMA Member Club Agreement
Liability Insurance
is available in Canada to non-profit clubs registered with CFMA. 

Club Membership Fees

International Membership

If you are interested in joining our email news and would like to share in our private Facebook group, if you are interested in traveling to Canada to practice and compete, an international membership is for you. Join our team in spirit.