Mounted Archery Safety Officer

The CFMA introduced the certification program for Safety Officer in January 2022. This certification program will be periodically reviewed and updated.
The duty of the Safety Officer is to ensure the safety of all participants and to adhere to the safe archery practices as out lined in the Safety and Risk Management Guide.
Safety Officers are present at club events to ensure safe practices and to assist instructors and/or coaches.

Requirements to become a CFMA Certified Safety Officer

The following are the requirements and steps to become a Mounted Archery Safety Officer:

  • Must be legal age in their province or territory

  • Must be a registered CFMA member (individual or CFMA club member)

  • Must be a current member of their provincial or territorial equestrian association

  • Have and maintain current First Aid certification (forward image of certificate or other proof to CFMA)

Step One: Read the CFMA Safety and Risk Management Guide for Mounted Archery.

Step Two: Pass the online CFMA Safety Officer Exam

The examination for Safety Officer certification is an online, “Open Book” multiple-choice test. The suggested Study Material is the CFMA Safety and Risk Management Guide for Horse Archery, as the questions are based on the information provided in this guide. A score of 100% is required to pass. The applicant can return to the exam to change answers until they achieve the correct answers. Questions for this test will include (but are not limited to) the following topics:
• Types of risks and hazards
• Abbreviations pertaining to the Safety and Risk Management Guide
• Safety Officer duties and responsibilities
• Range commands
• Participant and spectator safety zones
• Archery equipment: storage, care, and inspection
• Numbers for recommended maximum students for each Safety Officer present
• Range and target set up

Step Three: Submit the CFMA Safety Officer application form, together with the above-mentioned First Aid certification, and pay associated application fee of CAN $ 20. Please pay the fee via e-transfer sent to

***Please note that the certification for CFMA Safety Officer expires after TWO (2) years. Re-certification requires an up-to-date First Aid certification, current CFMA membership, current provincial/territorial equestrian association membership, and passing the on-line CFMA SO exam. Re-certification fee is $10.