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To provide education, training, competitions, rankings and opportunity to all Canadians interested in exploring and mastering the amazing sport of mounted archery. To regulate and enforce safe practice and to uphold the highest integrity for both the athletes and the horses.

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Liability insurance is available for participating CFMA member clubs that can meet the minimum requirement of a safety officer at all trainings.

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Canadian athlete’s IHAA rankings and KHOW results. Printable grading sheets available here. Keep track of your IHAA grades as well as KHOW results here. Learn about the IHAA and KHOW systems.

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Rank, compete, and travel internationally. The CFMA provides access to worldwide competitions, scoring, and horseback archery culture. Check out our world partnerships and rank internationally.


Participate in our annual Canadian Mounted Archery Tournament Series” and link it to our document.

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Horseback archery is a sport that is accessible to almost everyone. Whether you are practicing traditional foot archery, or looking to compete in the highest ranking of international mounted archery, there is a great deal of self expression and self discipline to be gained. Both archery and horseback riding are disciplines of focus, passion, and presence. The combination of the two sports can open the heart and mind.

Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery

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