Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery About Us

About the CFMA

Horseback Archery (HA) in Canada started in 2005 in Mt.Currie, BC by Hungarian-Canadian Robert Borsos. For years we were just a handful of enthusiasts practicing the sport and competing in Mt.Currie and internationally. Over the years we created connections with other horse archers and HA organisations around the world by competing internationally and by inviting out of country athletes to our competition in Mt.Currie.

We founded the CFMA in 2015 with the intent to promote the sport more aggressively in Canada and to give clubs access to much needed liability insurance. Today we have clubs and individual members all across the country. 2020 is the first year where we can offer a Canadian coaching program for HA. We hope that this will increase clinics and training opportunities for people who have interest in the sport.

Canadian Mounted Archery South Korea 2014
Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery About Us
Canadian Mounted Archery Kyrgyzstan
Canadian Mounted Archery with Kassai Lajos

The CFMA is a member with the International Horsearchery Alliance (IHAA), which grants its members access to the international ranking system. We also maintain close ties to the Kassai School of Horsearchery (KHOW) in Hungary, to the Mounted Archery Association of the Americas (MA3) in the USA and the World Horserarchery Federation in South Korea (WHAF).
Networking with Horsearchers around the world is important and fun. Horseback Archery has an extremely rich worldwide history. Competitions unify people from all over the world and have proven to create great camaraderie and friendships. Many competitions are cultural events.

There are currently 35 countries involved in the IHAA and all together are working on creating a system that works for all athletes around the world. The CFMA is proud to be a member and a part of this process.

We are also very proud to have 4 certified Kassai tracks available that are authorized to hold official KHOW events which are also recorded in an international registry.

The CFMA is a work in progress and over the coming years we will continue to help grow the sport and to improve what we have to offer.

If you are new to HBA please feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope to see you all at one of our events this year.

Happy and safe riding and shooting!

Canadian Mounted Archer Audrey Ann Representing Canada in Malaysia