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Canadian Mounted Archery

British Columbia

BC Clubs

Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery. Borsos Torzs of British Columbia

Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club

Located in Mt. Currie, British Columbia
Home of the Canadian Kassai Horseback Archery Open World Cups since 2006. Kassai Certified judge Robert Borsos.
Home of Team Canada.

Contact: Robert Borsos at



Spur Valley Mounted ARchery

Located in Spur Valley, British Columbia

Contact: Doug Goodwin at

Events for 2023: CLICK HERE


Rocky Mountain Mounted Archers

Located in Brisco, British Columbia

Contact: Luraina Oddy at


BC Coaches

Donat Koller - Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery

Donat Koller

Located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Donat Koller, British Columbia, Canada, Level 3 (Advanced Students)

Donat Koller has been practicing horseback archery since 2005, representing Canada in competition nationally and internationally…

He is one of the co-founders of the CFMA and belongs to the Borsos Torzs horse archery club in Mt. Currie, BC.
He is currently the Vice-President for the CFMA, and helped develop the Approved Horsearchery Coach Registry, membership programs, and safety protocol for horseback archery in Canada . Donat teaches clinics on his own property and upon request. He has trained under the Kassai Horsearchery Martial Arts system for over a decade and now teaches all styles and versions of horse archery, encouraging students to find what works best for them.

Contact: Donat Koller at



Michael Pearson

Located in Victoria, British Columbia

Michael Pearson, British Columbia, Canada, Level 3 (Advanced Students)

Michael Pearson has been practicing horseback archery since 2015. He has travelled, trained and competed internationally with many of the top horseback archers in the world since 2018.

He is a member of Borsos Torzs and currently a CFMA level 3 coach. Michael can teach any of the major styles of horseback archery as he trains and competes with all styles. Michael is currently graded as an HA3 with the International Horseback Archery Alliance, IHAA, and hopes to continue to progress and grade in all available systems. In the future Michael would like to continue travelling, training, and competing in different countries.

Contact: Michael Pearson at


Stephanie Laversin

Located in Langley, British Columbia

Steph Laversin, British Columbia, Canada, Level 1 (Beginner Students)

Steph began riding and taking lessons at the age of 3. In 1996 she was certified as trainer of sport horses by the department of Agriculture of France. In 1999 she became Alberta Equestrian Federation Instructor and then as National Certified (NCCP) English Riding Coach in 1999…

She focuses on foundation training, dressage and horse archery.

In 2013 Steph started doing Mounted Combat. In 2014 Stephanie created Fraser Valley Mounted Combat so that she could begin hosting clinics closer to home, mainly Horse Archery, with Robert Borsos.

In 2018 Stephanie successfully pushed through the first Horse Archery Insurance policy in Canadian history. She is the only one to qualify for a commercial policy. It opened the way for the Club insurance. This led her to sit on the board of the CFMA. She is currently EC liaison and hopes to make the sport an official one in Canada like it is in France and the UK.

Steph is a member/ instructor of Borsos Torzs as well as a member of Broken Arrow Mounted Archery in Washington. She feels privileged to train with, not only Robert Borsos and Katie Stearns, but also to have been given opportunity to train with Lajos Kassai, Wojtek Obsieki and Tom Kellner.

Stephanie lives in Langley BC. She is a full-time horse trainer and riding coach offering weekly horseback archery opportunities. She also travels to teach clinics and lessons. She follows Equestrian Canada, Horse Council BC and VIA Sport protocols to ensure best practices are followed for COVID-19 at all times. Her facilities, including a track, are being built in South Langley. This will give easy access to the airports and border crossings once international operations can resume and she hopes to develop a north-western circuit with her friend and fellow archers and their respective tracks. The facilities will be open to Canadians in the late Fall 2020.

Contact: Stephanie Laversin at




AB Clubs

Northern Lights Horseback Archery - CFMA

Northern Lights Horseback Archery

Located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
President: Laura Dettling
CFMA Coach: Donat Koller 

Contact: Laura at



On Clubs

Horses of the Sun

Located in Vars, Ontario, Canada
Riding lessons, voltige (vaulting / gymnastics on horseback), therapeutic riding, archery and mounted archery. CFMA certified coach Uwe Schneider. 

Contact: Uwe and Sonja at



Ontario Horseback Archery - Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery

Golden Horseshoe Mounted Archery

Located in York, Ontario, Canada
CFMA certified coach Kendall Goddard.


ON Coaches

Kendall Goddard

Located in York, Ontario, Canada

Kendall Goddard, Ontario, Canada, Level 2 (Intermediate Students)

Kendall’s 18 years of riding experience and passion for horsemanship eventually set her on the path of mounted archery. She has participated in national and international mounted archery competitions across Canada, including representing Canada in the 2020 IHAA World Grand Prix…

Over the last few years, she has had the privilege of learning from several of the best mounted archers in Canada. 
Kendall hopes to help grow this exciting sport in her home province Ontario. She offers clinics focused on introducing riders and their horses to the bow and arrows with a strong emphasis on safety and horsemanship. She uses her experience gained in competitions to build mounted archery tracks and help develop new clubs.

Contact: Kendall Goddard at


Uwe Schneider

Located in Vars, Ontario, Canada

Uwe Schneider, Ontario, Canada, Level 1 (Beginner Students)

Uwe and Sonja operate Horses of the Sun, where they teach riding, voltige (vaulting / gymnastics on horseback), therapeutic riding, and archery.

In 2004, a recent immigrant from Hungary and fresh from the Kassai Valley approached them in her quest in finding a place in Ottawa to practice horse archery. No strangers to unusual equestrian disciplines, they were happy to help. In return, Uwe’s childhood passion in archery was rekindled, and soon the three horse archers had trained some horses, obtained their Kassai bows, and practiced mounted archery in their spare time for several years.

In 2014, after a hiatus, Uwe and Sonja started offering archery and horse archery training again, and since then have hosted numerous archery classes, clinics, and events. Over the years, Uwe has participated in several horse archery clinics taught by Lajos Kassai, Lukas Novotny, and others, and has participated in KHOWs in Nova Scotia.

Fascinated by the bow as a young boy through the adventures of Robin Hood, Temudschin, Tecumseh, Hiawatha, and Winnetou, Uwe is now a self-professed Toxophile, always eager to learn more about the amazingly varied world of archery. Combining his love for horses, science, history, and traditional bows, he strives to be a toxologist and archery teacher.

Contact: Uwe Schneider at



Quebec Instructors

Audrey Ann Meloche

Located in Iles de la madeleine, Quebec

Audrey Ann Meloche, Quebec, Canada. Certified Mounted Archery Instructor.

From West coast to East coast of Canada I enjoy my passion for horseback archery. At the heart of this experiences, connected to my soul, I learn to be one with my horse and my bow. Embrace the present moment with yoga retreat and archery on the island with Bloom experiences.

Contact: Audrey Ann at


Nova Scotia

NS Clubs

Seawinds horse ARchers

Located in Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mounted Archery training, clinics, and competitions. Kassai certified judge Lance Bishop. 



NS Coaches

Lance Bishop

Located in Canning, Nova Scotia

Lance Bishop, Nova Scotia, Canada, Level 3 (Advanced Students)

Lance Bishop began his horseback archery education in 2017 under the instruction of Lajos Kassai in clinics taught by the master…

Observing Lance’s intense commitment and fast progress, Mr. Kassai invited Lance to his school in Hungary for the training to become a Kassai Horsearchery International Judge of the Kassai KHOW competitions. After the construction of an official KHOW track and the hosting of a successful competition on Lance’s seaside farm in Nova Scotia in 2018 with the Master present, the title was awarded. Lance credits the natural horsemanship and martial drill foundations of the Kassai school for his successes at every step.

Lance and the Seawinds Horse Archers Club he started in 2018 have now hosted their fourth KHOW competition and Lance has competed at the Borsos Torz Horsearchery Club in BC and at the 2019 World Gathering held at the Kassai School in Hungary. In 2019, Lance and his 12 year old quarterhorse mare Cloe achieved the highest 2019 KHOW ranking in North America (139.79 points). Seawinds also hosts IHAA competitions and grading events in an effort to encourage diverse horsearchery skillset development and to further help foster student drive and development.

Currently serving as the Coaching and Safety Officer for the CFMA, Lance lead the development of the Approved Horsearchery Coach Registry. In the past 2 years, he has introduced horseback archery to over 100 students in Eastern Canada.

Lance offers coaching at Seawinds and other stables through private and small group lessons, weekend clinics, extended training camps, and weekly winter class programs through the winter. In the fall of 2020, Seawinds is launching a student development program based on using Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) to better adapt training to the unique strengths and goals of its members. Lance is currently partnering with Equine Assisted Learning coaches in Nova Scotia to develop programming that uses horseback archery education as a context for building mindfulness and life skills for people living with PTSD and anxiety.

Lance’s best 3 advices to students is “Eye’s only on the target; only this arrow matters; grace to fail is the greatest strength of a warrior and a master.”

Contact: Lance Bishop at



Prince Edward Island

PEI Clubs

Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery

Paladin Horse Archers

Located in Farmington, PEI, Canada
Mounted Archery training, clinics, and competitions.

Contact: Marina Wright at