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British Columbia

Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery. Borsos Torzs of British Columbia

Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club

Located in Mt. Currie, British Columbia
Home of the Canadian Kassai Horseback Archery Open World Cups since 2006. Kassai Certified judge Robert Borsos.
Home of Team Canada.

Contact: Robert Borsos at



Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery. Fraser Valley Mounted Combat of British Columbia

Fraser Valley Mounted combat

Located in Aldergrove, British Columbia
Certified Riding instruction, mounted Archery clinics and lessons by Steph Laversin.

Contact: Steph Laversin at




Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery. Kaspian Mounted Archery in Olds, Alberta Canada

Kaspian mounted archery

Located in Olds, Alberta, Canada
Riding lessons and clinics, archery lessons, horseback archery lessons, clinics, and competitions. Trainer and coach Kenton Miller.

Contact: Kenton Miller at



Wild Rose Mounted Archers

Located in Rivire Que barre, Alberta, Canada.
We’re a small club that is focusing on safe and fun archery skills on the ground and mounted. We also have a large focus on horsemanship to keep the horses keen and happy.

Mentor and Coached by Kenton Miller of the Kaspian Mounted Archery.



Nova Scotia

Seawinds horse ARchers

Located in Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada
Mounted Archery training, clinics, and competitions. Kassai certified judge Lance Bishop. 

Contact: Lance Bishop at