Club Requirements

Requirements for becoming recognized/affiliated with the CFMA

The CFMA is encouraging the formation of new horse archery clubs in Canada. If you need any support or assistance in forming a horse archery club, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Application Requirements

For a club to be recognized by the CFMA as a member club:

Membership List
A club must supply a current membership list, and identify the Club Leader(s). The applying club must have their own governance structure. It is up to the club how it wants to organize itself, however, it is common to have as a minimum three club members (generally, a Club needs a President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer)

Safety Officers
At least two club members must be CFMA Certified Safety Officers. The CFMA “Safety and Risk Management Guide” stipulates the recommended ratios of Safety Officers to [mounted] archers during lessons and practice events. It is required that at least one Safety Officer is present. As it is common that in a newly formed club the participating archers are still fairly novice and inexperienced, this is a safety risk. The eventuality of not having a Safety Officer at the event is reduced when at least two club members are certified Safety Officers.
A newly formed club applying for CFMA membership without the required two certified Safety Officers will have a two-month grace period to fulfil the requirement of two certified SOs.

Safety Plan
A written safety plan must be submitted to the CFMA. Template Here. It is prudent to periodically (annually, if possible) review this Safety Plan to keep it as current as possible. The information provided in the CFMA “Safety and Risk Management Guide” is very useful in drafting this Safety Plan.

CFMA Club Agreement
New Clubs must submit the signed CFMA Club Agreement. It is advised that all core club members are informed about the “CFMA Club Agreement” and have read it.

Membership Fee and Liability Insurance

Ongoing Club Requirements

Updated Membership Lists
Clubs must keep membership lists up-to-date with the CFMA. This is to ensure that all club members are also registered with the CFMA and will receive the benefits of CFMA membership (e.g., insurance coverage).

Event Submission
Clubs must submit all planned events to the CFMA, including but not limited to, regular practice times and places, special training events and competitions, club events such as fundraisers, picnics, etc. This is simply an insurance requirement, in the event of an accident, it will help to provide the paper trail needed by the insurance company in order to defend our claim in court.

Recommended Club Practices

• Access to safe ground archery range(s) and mounted archery track(s)
• An appropriately-designed governance structure
• Its own financial structure
• A written Mandate and/or Mission Statement
• An up-to-date membership list
• A sufficient number of certified Safety Officers to serve the membership
• A certified instructor or coach, or at least access to a certified instructor or coach who can serve as club mentor

Club Membership Fees

• Up to 15 Members – $200
• 16 to 30 Members – $300
• Over 31 Members – $400
• Liability Insurance – $350