About CFMA Insurance

*New for 2020*

Beginning Jan 1 2020, liability insurance for participating CFMA clubs requires that clubs have access to a mentor with a CFMA approved level 1 coach certificate or higher, and that the club leaders have read and signed the CFMA Club Agreement. This insurance covers all CFMA member club events such as, clinics, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, club fundraisers, barbecues, etc.

Liability insurance is designed to protect all club members, volunteers, coaches, farm owners, etc, involved in club activities.

Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance is now available in Canada to participating member clubs.
This insurance covers all CFMA member club events: clinics, workshops,
competitions, exhibitions, club fundraisers, barbecues, etc.


Liability insurance fees are $350 yearly for clubs, along with the club membership fees listed on the membership page.
It is recommended that all clubs carry liability insurance.
The coverage provides:

• $ 10,000 on owned Property other than buildings (higher limits available)
• $ 50,000 per animal, $250,000. per occurrence/aggregate if liable for animals of
others in your custody
• $ 1,000,000 on Tenant Legal Liability on responsibility for rented premises
• $ 5,000,000 on Club Commercial General Liability including Injury to
Crime coverage as follows:
• $ 10,000 Employee Dishonesty
• $ 2,500 Broad Form Money & Securities
• $ 2,500 Money Orders and Counterfeit Paper Currency
• $ 2,500 Depositors Forgery

Accident insurance:

Please Note: all active riding members must also be members of their
provincial equine association.
All CFMA members are expected to provide their own equine related accident insurance through their provincial equine association (eg. Horse Council of BC,
OE of Ontario etc…).

Additional insurance available:

Directors and Officers insurance:
The club’s Commercial General Liability policy responds to law suits which result
from a bodily injury or a property damage in which it is felt the club bears some
responsibility. Your policy covers this and also covers directors and others
associated with hosting club activities for these types of claims. However there
are other things for which a director or officer may be sued which have nothing to
do with a bodily injury or a property damage. Typically these law suits are the
result of a wrongful act by a director and are filed by another director, club
member or a financial institution. Director’s and Officer’s policies are separate
policies with specialized wordings to deal with these situations.

The CFMA board of directors is covered by the umbrella insurance, but because
the branch clubs have different directors than the parent organization, the branch
club directors aren’t covered. This is what “Directors & Officers” insurance is for –
and it is separate from the general liability insurance because many clubs feel
they don’t need the extra coverage, its just an add-on if they want it. Costs are
usually in the range of $100 – $150.

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