Tournament Series

Canadian National Competition Series

The Canadian Federation of Mounted Archery (CFMA) has established in 2022 a new annual national tournament:.The Canadian Mounted Archery Tournament Series (C-MATS). The C-MATS are a Canada-wide five-month long mounted archery postal competition series with the goal to annually crown the Canadian horse archery champions of multiple disciplines and an overall Great Canadian Horse Archery Champion!
The 2022 C-MATS include a diverse selection of competition styles from the IHAA, WFEA, and the WHAF which fall under two skills-based categories as follows:

Category 1: Central Target with Quiver Use Optional

  • IHAA Tower 90

Category 2: Serial Targets with Quiver Use Mandatory

  • IHAA Raid 233
  • WHAF Serial 99

Riders can submit results for any or all four of the disciplines once per month. Only one result may be submitted for each of the four disciplines in any given month. Riders may register at any time during the tournament from May to September but results for any given month must be submitted to the CFMA by the last day of the month in which the result was achieved. Riders may register and also submit monthly results using the same online form available at the following link.


Participation is open to all horse archers in Canada, regardless of affiliation, club membership, or citizenship. To be crowned a Canadian Champion, the participant must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.
The following competitions running between May and the end of September 2022 and comprising any of the four C-MATS disciplines may be used to contribute to riders’ scores for this year’s C-MATS:

  1. Results from all internationally-registered competitions (IHAA, WFEA, WHAF) run in or outside of Canada;
  2. Results from any IHAA or WFEA grading event;
  3. Results from any recorded IHAA postals match result for Tower 90 or Raid 233;

It is not necessary for clubs or individuals to register these event types (1 to 3 above).

4. Canadian competitions registered with the CFMA on approved tracks.  The following form may be used by clubs or individuals to register these type of events for official C-MATS contribution and listing on the CFMA website and social media promotion:




 Crowning will take place via video conference in October once all scores and information are recorded from all riders.  Each month’s results will be posted on the CFMA website and Facebook page.  Crowning of the annual Canadian Champion of each discipline will be based on the top scores for each age class in each discipline.  

The overall Great Canadian Horse Archery Champion will be determined as the rider with the top average percentage-based scores relative to the top C-MATS discipline result from each of two discipline categories, added together.  This way, riders may gain fair and competitive access to the series standings with participation in only two disciplines, one from each of the categories.  For example one rider may only have Tower 90 and Raid 233 but this may be compared with another rider with only OKS and Serial 99 results.   

Questions may be sent to the CFMA email: