The Canadian Mounted Archery Tournament Series

In 2022 the CFMA established a new annual competition series we call the Canadian Mounted Archery Tournament Series (C-MATS for short). The C-MATS invites Canadian athletes of all skill levels to enter their recent competition results to a season-long standings rally with goals to inspire participation and comradery locally and nationally and to recognize athlete achievements.

This year, four rider skill classes are recognized for the C-MATS: Walk Class, Trot Class, Student-Untimed Canter, and Horse Archer. Riders may submit results to the C-MATS within one skill class only. However, in the event a rider wishes to submit results to a more advanced skill class, they may do so at any time but their less advanced class results will be forfeited and removed for the remainder of the season. For example, a new athlete who has entered the standings in the Walk-Trot class may submit a result for the Student or Horsearchery class later in the season but the previous result in the Walk-Trot class will be removed.

Within each skill class, achievements for athletes in the following youth categories will also be recognized (Under 14, Under 16, and Under 18).

Walk Class and Trot Class Disciplines: Either of the IHAA disciplines of Raid 3 or Aussie 3 may be used to achieve results for the Walk Class and/or Trot Class Standings. The results from the Raid and Aussie styles are considered comparable and participants with scores from both disciplines should simply submit their highest result for any given month. The rules listed on the IHAA.info website must be used for judging the events to achieve these results. The top scores achieved at walk and the top scores achieved at trot will be recognized, as well as the tops in each youth class.

Student-Untimed Canter Class Disciplines: The IHAA disciplines of Tower 90 and Raid 233 are used without time bonuses or penalties factored for the Student-Untimed Canter Class. The rules listed on the IHAA.info website must be used for judging the events to achieve these results as per the IHAA Student Grading conditions. Athletes will be recognized according to their achievement in the class through taking the normalized percentage for both disciplines averaged together. Youth achievements will also be recognized the same way for each age class.

Horse Archer Class Disciplines: The Horse Archer Class entails a diverse selection of competition styles from the IHAA, WFEA, and WHAF which fall under two categories as follows:

Category 1: Central Target with Quiver Use Optional

  • IHAA Tower 90
  • WFEA OKS 99

Category 2: Serial Targets with Quiver Use Mandatory

  • IHAA Raid 233
  • WHAF Serial 99

Riders can submit results for any or all four of the disciplines once per month. Only one result may be submitted for each of the four disciplines in any given month. Athletes need only achieve scores from two of the four qualifying Horsearcher Class disciplines to have an opportunity to achieve a complete standings position, but these disciplines must represent both of the Categories 1 and 2. For example, Tower 90 and IHAA Raid 233. When a rider achieves scores from both of the two disciplines in a category, the higher of the normalized percentages of the two disciplines are used. The highest discipline percentage in each category is then averaged together to achieve the percentage used to determine the overall standing position for the Horse Archer Class. Top results for each young rider class are also recognized.

Rider Registrations and Score Submissions

Participation is open to all horse archers in Canada, regardless of affiliation, club membership, or citizenship, but participants must at least be a Permanent Resident of Canada.  Riders may register at any time during the tournament from May through October but results for any given month must be submitted to the CFMA by the last day of the month in which the result was achieved. Riders may register and also submit monthly results using the same online form available at this LINK: C-MATS RIDER REGISTRATION/ RESULTS SUBMISSIONS.

The following competitions running between May and the end of October 2023 and comprising any of the four C-MATS disciplines may be used to contribute to riders’ scores for C-MATS:

  1. Results from all internationally-registered competitions (IHAA, WFEA, WHAF) run in or outside of Canada;
  2. Results from any IHAA or WFEA grading event;
  3. Results from any recorded IHAA postals match result for Tower 90 or Raid 233;
  4. Results from Canadian competitions registered with the CFMA on approved tracks.  The following form may be used by clubs or individuals to register these types of events for official C-MATS contribution: C-MATS COMPETITION EVENTS REGISTRATION

Note: It is not necessary for clubs or individuals to register the event types 1 to 3 above with the CFMA because these are already registered internationally.

Results and Titles

Top athlete recognition will happen in the fall once scores and information are recorded from all riders. Each month’s results will be posted on the CFMA website and Facebook page. Class and discipline champions will be based on the top scores achieved for each age class within each skill class.

In summary, prizes will be presented to those who achieve the following titles within each skill class.

Walk Class Titles: Top Under 14 Walker, Top Under 16 Walker, Top Under 18 Walker, Top Walker

Trot-Class Titles: Top Under 14 Trotter, Top Under 16 Trotter, Top Under 18 Trotter, Top Trotter

Student-Untimed Canter Class Titles: Top Under 14 Student-Untimed Canter, Top Under 16 Student-Untimed Canter, Top Under 18 Student-Untimed Canter, Top Student-Untimed Canter

Horse Archer Class Titles

Top Under 14 Horse Archer, Top Under 16 Horse Archer, Top Under 18 Horse Archer, Top Horse Archer

Questions may be sent to the CFMA email: mountedarcherycanada@gmail.com

C-MATS Standings